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Royal Wedding Quest!-Demo

The demo to an upcoming fantasy otome game. · By Maple


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Back to work
Hello everyone. I've been missing for a while here and wish to apologise; a lot of things happened in my life, and as a one person team it ended up stalling my...
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Longer Demo
Hello everyone! After spending some time on the latest early access (available to patreons !), I can finally proudly present you with this much longer demo! Be...
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February 2018 progress
Hello everyone! While I post weekly on my tumblr , I feel like it would be good to compile all that progress in monthly updates here as well, since some people...
Hello everyone ! As mentioned before , the newest and last addition to my crew of suitors will be defined by you! I have worked on three different potential bac...
Updated demo (31/07/17)
Another update! I don't know if I'll update the demo much from now on since I'm focusing on the actual game's content, and most of it comes after the end of sa...
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Updated demo (20/06/17)
Since I've been working on the game, I added a lot of content that warrants updating the demo. I usually post devlogs on Tumblr , so if you want a weekly one it...
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Public demo
A week after releasing a demo to patreon only, I finally opened it to the public! Now everyone can download the demo. Here's a small list of the progress I mad...
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