Updated demo (20/06/17)

Since I've been working on the game, I added a lot of content that warrants updating the demo. I usually post devlogs on Tumblr, so if you want a weekly one it might be good to check that out.

  • Implemented a character menu, you now can check out how much money you have, what your relationship with the characters is, have a small summary of what your character is like and a small picture of their appearance.
  • Added a character customisation thing; you can now choose between two skin colors, two haircuts, three eye colors and four hair colors to make up to 48 different looking main characters.

When it comes to the future game itself, I have written a lot of scenes, the character now respond to who you are and your actions. Which means you can easily miss out on a romance depending on early choices, but get a lot of advantages in others. I also added a money system so you can use the gold you have to unlock cutscenes and give yourself more chances with a character and get to know them even better, as well as potentially unlock CGs.

The game is currently around 20% complete at ~31000 words written.


RoyalWeddingQuest-Demo-1.3-pc.zip 198 MB
Jun 20, 2017
RoyalWeddingQuest-Demo-1.3-mac.zip 185 MB
Jun 20, 2017

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