Back to work

Hello everyone.

I've been missing for a while here and wish to apologise; a lot of things happened in my life, and as a one person team it ended up stalling my game's development significantly. 

I understand this is very unprofessional of me, and will aim to do better from now on.

I resumed work on the game and hopefully will have an update soon; it's a rather massive one since the next bit of the game I've been meaning to do splits in two different full fledged side routes of sort. I also had to rework some art assets to better fit in with the rest of the game. 
I'll admit that since it's my first big game, I'm paying for my inexperience as the code is a bit of a mess now, slowing me down some. I'm likely going to rework that a little as well for me to be faster with further updates.

Thanks for the continued support, I look forward to finishing this in a timely manner now and releasing more extended demos on patreon :)

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Oct 10, 2018

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Good luck! We believe in you! please give us another update soon <3

Sorry I didn't see this! I'll hopefully be done with the part of the game I find really complicated to finish soon, so there should be an update incoming!