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Hello everyone!

After spending some time on the latest early access (available to patreons!), I can finally proudly present you with this much longer demo!

Before this, the game stopped at what I'd consider the "introduction" part; it introduced the plot, important characters, and showed off basic gameplay (such as creating your mc). Now, the game continues past this and jumps into the adventure; you get to see the first part of 4 of the romances, get to know the characters more in depth, and follow the main character through her first few trials.

You also get to experience the first few endings- though they're not good ones, so I'd try to avoid them if I were you ;)

After testing it, this version of the game is 60000+ words and can take up to 1h30 of gameplay (accordingly to some beta-testers).

While it has been thoroughly tested and double checked, it still is a demo and a bit of an unfinished product as the game is in developpment, so I have to say it may be subject to change and I might have missed some bugs/errors; if you happen to find any, I'd be grateful of you could let me know so I can correct it as soon as possible :) Similarly; I love feedback, of all kind!

I hope you enjoy playing this version, thanks for your support!


RoyalWeddingQuest-Demo-1.5-pc.zip 295 MB
Oct 09, 2018
RoyalWeddingQuest-Demo-1.5-mac.zip 326 MB
Oct 09, 2018

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